My Spontaneous Mini Marathon

Last night I helped out at the 500 Festival Mini Marathon Expo. All 35,000 runners show up at the expo to get their bib number and information packet for the big race. I mentioned my interest in running the mini to my coworker. This mini is the largest in the country and it takes place every May to kick off the Indy 500 festivities. It’s pretty much booked solid by November and I have never thought to myself in November, “Hey I probably will want to run 13.1 miles this next May.” So I have never registered for it.

A little while later, my coworker surprised me with a bib number. Her friend couldn’t run in the race so she told me, “I got this number for you. You’re running tomorrow.” Me: “The Mini? Tomorrow? Okay…”

Part of me was super excited. This year my running has been better than ever. I have been running faster and more often. My runs have been so much fun lately especially because I haven’t had knee problems or any other injuries. I owe this to my shoes. They are Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 and awesome. The guy who finished fifth today in the mini helped me pick them out but that’s another story. Anyway, it seemed like this year would be the perfect year to run a half.

Part of me also became super nervous. Maybe it was the five hour energy I drank last night that caused my jitters. Or the fact that I realized, “Crap, I’m running 13.1 miles at 7 AM tomorrow.” I didn’t know much about the course or where to go. Thankfully I had some time to get it figured out last night and showed up perfectly on time.

The race starts in downtown Indy and travels outside town to Speedway, Indiana. Speedway is the home of… well.. the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The course takes runners once around the track and then we all head back to downtown. The speedway track (is it called a track? I apparently know nothing about race cars despite living in Indy) is 2.5 miles around so it was certainly the most monotonous part of the course. Staring at black asphalt for 25 minutes? No, thanks.

I had planned on sticking roughly to a 10 minute pace. I ran a 10 minute pace on Sunday when I ran 10 miles so it didn’t seem crazy. However, this morning it was hot as balls out. Meaning like upper 60s but that is super hot when running a mini. So I ran a 12 minute pace. I finished the race in 2 hours, 38 minutes and 7 seconds. A little slower than I’d like but I’ll take it considering it was my first mini marathon and 100% spontaneous.

I’m still exhausted and blistered and sore but I just scarfed down some delicious Chinese take out so it’s gonna be a good Saturday. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Special thank you to my coworker’s fiancee, Manny, for the pictures!

Delicious ending!


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