Sunday, Six Miles, and Spinach


My post-run lunch today: spinach, pine nuts, blackberries, pear, red onion and sweet potato chips. Washed it all down with some chocolate almond milk. I ran leisurely jogged 6 miles this morning. I honestly should’ve started out earlier that 9:30 AM because it was super hot by 10:30 AM when I finished the run. I was running slowly today as a result. I stopped through downtown to get water before the last mile. I think I might’ve died had I not taken a quick break. So hot out!

I have been easing back into running for the last two weeks since the completion of my spontaneous mini marathon. The week after the mini I ran a couple three mile runs and one four mile run. This last week I ran 16.5 miles which included 2-5 mile runs throughout the week. I plan on getting back to my usual mileage this week of 20-25 miles. I know technically you are not supposed to increase mileage more than 10% each week so maybe I’ll only do 18 miles this week if I get lazy.

I’m not necessarily training for anything now but I suppose I should sign up for a few 5ks and 10ks throughout the summer to keep myself motivated. After spending the last 10 years of my life running, “training for a 5k” always sounds a little funny since 3 miles is typically my lazy day. Training for a mini sounds like a much more interesting task. I may do another mini this fall but it will probably be out of state. Or out of the country? Yes, now we’re talking. Anyway, here’s my running agenda for the upcoming weeks. It’s supposed to get into the 90s this week so hopefully I can stick to this without battling heat exhaustion.

Monday: cross train 30-60 minutes & upper body strength training 15-30 minutes

Tuesday: tempo run 3-4 miles

Wednesday: easy run 3-4 miles

Thursday: interval training 1-2 miles & lower body strength training 15-30 minutes

Friday: easy run 3-4 miles

Saturday: long slow distance 5-10 miles

Sunday: rest


6 thoughts on “Sunday, Six Miles, and Spinach

    • If I can run 6 miles then you definitely can too! When I started running I was so proud of myself the first day I ran a FULL MILE without stopping. I thought that was huge. Thanks for visiting!

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