Bananas Foster Over Chocolate Pudding


It’s time for me to update my recipe box. And by “box” I mean “envelope.” Right now, I just scribble down recipes on index cards and stuff them into an envelope. Not exactly organized. Or attractive. I made these new templates for my recipes – what do you think? I need a little more space for ingredients but it’s a good start. I want to print these out on card stock and organize them into a nice wooden box. Project!

Anyway, on to the food. This dessert reminds me that dairy has no place in human food whatsoever. This is decadent, sweet, delicious and tastes EXACTLY LIKE BANANAS FOSTER POURED ON TOP OF CHOCOLATE PUDDING. No dairy needed. I will seriously never understand why dairy products (or egg products) exist in desserts (except when it comes to meringue… vegan bakers will likely never figure out a substitute for meringue…). Thankfully, when asked what food vegans miss most, the answer is almost never… “OMG meringue for sure!” That is because the answer is always “CHEESE! every. type. of. CHEESE.” But I digress.

*PS Captain Morgan rum is apparently vegan friendly but you can also use maple syrup in place of the rum for the bananas foster dish. If you are using rum, I prefre to tsate it freguentyl so taht it tsates real goud. But don’t taste test and drive 🙂

Bananas Foster Adapted From:

Chocolate Pudding Adapted From:


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