The Traveling Vegan


I’m leaving for Florida in three days and getting very excited for the trip. I’ve flown over 250,000 miles in my life and so at this point I have my traveling routine down to a science. Did you see the movie Up in the Air? I’m a lot like George Clooney when I go through security. Except I’m a blonde in my twenties. But same thing.

I’ve traveled as a meat-eater and a vegetarian. Traveling as a vegetarian just requires a little extra preparation. I always bring snacks for the plane and plenty of vitamins. I like to research a couple fun veggie-friendly restaurants before leaving town. I often buy a pre-made veggie sandwich in the terminal to bring along for the flight if I think the food might just be cheese crackers and pretzels (yeah, I’m thinking of you, Southwest Airlines). Airports and airlines have made great improvements recently to their menus so the food options are much better these days for vegetarians.

Finding non-perishable snacks for the ride that are also nutrient-rich and barely-processed is often difficult. I like to bring those little individual serving sizes of Silk soy milk and apple sauce if I’m not flying (I’m assuming apple sauce might be considered a liquid). If I am flying, I rely on a trail mix of sorts with dried fruit and granola. I also bring fresh fruit that can withstand the elements of traveling such as apples, pears and grapes. Sometimes I make a hummus sandwich or wrap at home to bring along with me.

I went camping last year and somewhat panicked when I realized I would be in the woods for the entire weekend and would be surrounded by hot dogs and marshmallows. I did a little thinking before leaving the house and ended up surviving just fine. It wasn’t my healthiest weekend and, yes, I got made fun of for drinking soy milk in front of the camp fire but it was worth it. I brought a box of cereal and more of those small soy milks for breakfast. I also snacked on cereal during the day. I had bread toasted over the camp fire for lunch and dinner with peanut butter and sliced apples spread on top. I snacked on granola, dried fruit, individual fruit cups and apple sauces. And let’s be honest, I had a handful of potato chips. Like 10 handfuls of potato chips, but who’s counting?

Anyway, if you can survive being vegan at 30,000 feet or in the middle of West Virginia without a refrigerator or a stove (cue banjo music), then you can make it anywhere, right?

Oh, and last bit of advice: don’t forget to tell the housekeeper at your villa in Sardinia that you are vegetarian otherwise you will end up with a lamb and pig roast and an awkward conversation. I speak from experience.

5 thoughts on “The Traveling Vegan

  1. Loved this! I am getting ready to go to Puerto Rico in two weeks and I am worried that my vegan self will not find enough to eat! I definitely have to research before going anywhere and carry-on snacks are a must! Hysterical bit about the housekeeper! =)


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