1920s Dinner Party


I hosted book club at my apartment this last week. The book was Great Gatsby so of course I wanted to do a little 1920s theme. The only problem? The prohibition-era was all about dairy, eggs and meat. The solution? Mason jars, vintage fonts and a huge Waldorf salad. I typed out labels in a vintage-style font and stuck them into wine corks. For the food, I used a sweet lemon dressing for the Waldorf salad instead of the heavy, mayonnaise-based dressing that is usually used. After adding some pasta, roasted veggies and pudding (topped with Oreo crumbs!), I ended up with delicious vegan meal. My sister’s wedding had a 1920s theme and she served a drink called Bee’s Knees. It consists of gin, honey and lemonade. I did a slight twist on this drink and simply used gin, lemonade and  a splash of orange juice. It was very refreshing and not too sweet. The dinner went well and I’m already looking forward to my next opportunity for a themed veggie dinner party!








Links to select recipes:

Sweet Lemon Dressing

Chocolate Pudding

Italian Roasted Vegetables


6 thoughts on “1920s Dinner Party

    • Great question, Perrie! I added links to the bottom of the post so that you can easily locate some of my past recipes that I used for the dinner. For the pasta, I simply combined a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, a jar of vegan pesto, and linguine pasta. Easy and delicious! The Waldorf salad consists of grapes, celery, Boston lettuce and my sweet lemon dressing. I added a container of walnuts on the side, too! The last recipe that I don’t already have on the blog is my Bee’s Knees drink. I combined one part gin, one part orange juice, and two parts lemonade. It was perfectly sweet! I hope this helps! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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