Voting Every Four Years or Voting Everyday?

The electoral votes keep coming in and it has me thinking…

Yes, it’s important to vote at the polls once every four years but never forget about how your lifestyle as a consumer is so powerful. For example, I’ve spent the last seven years of my life eating mostly plants. I am so passionate about this lifestyle that every day of my life I am voting in favor of a plant-based diet and against the meat industry. Every time the cashier rings up my almond milk instead of dairy milk, I know that I am casting my ballot for change. Whatever your own personal passion is, don’t forget to vote for it every day of your life by the way you live your life. Do this for as long as you can regardless of who you vote for at the polls. And let’s just hope Ellen DeGeneres runs in 2016 so I can vote for a fellow vegan!

Regardless of who wins the US election this evening, here’s to four more years of being a happy, healthy vegan. And many more beyond that!

4 thoughts on “Voting Every Four Years or Voting Everyday?

  1. Bang on! I think that same thought when the almond milk is rung in instead of cows milk. We do vote with our dollars and I am so encouraged to see so many wonderful vegans out here on the net. We may be lonely in our cities but our numbers are increasing and our votes will impact the grocery stores.

    • Agreed! There is strength in numbers when it comes to ANY important cause. It’s so easy to feel like you are the only person living your life a certain way but you cannot give up. Glad to hear you feel the same way!

  2. I LOVE that you made this point! I was just explaining the same thing to my step daughter yesterday. She was talking about junk food and big companies; she wanted to know why they make things that are so bad for people. I told her, “because people buy them.” If consumers stopped buying the products, companies would be forced to change their products, or suffer the losses. It is “adapt or die” in corporate America and the consumers have way more control than they think.

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