A Run with a View

I don’t believe I enjoy anything more in life than a long run on a beautiful day. I jogged eight miles today along the river and the canal. The first six miles felt great. In the seventh and eighth miles, I was ready for a shower and a nap on the couch. It was super windy today, too, but otherwise the weather was unseasonably warm. Regardless of my sore legs and exhausted body, I loved my run today.

A run can be like a mini-vacation and it’s so rewarding to know that your body is the form of transportation. It’s a break from reality. An opportunity to explore. A chance to reboot. I think that’s what I love about living in a bigger city. I always feel like I am on vacation but the feeling hits especially hard when I am running through the city. Maybe it’s because of the tourists, the hotels, or the monuments. I like to think it’s simply because of the view.

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