New York, New York: A Tale of Five Boroughs

I visited New York just recently for a long weekend trip. I was initially scheduled to visit on the Thursday after Hurricane Sandy hit but had to reschedule for obvious reasons. Some stores are still boarded up and a few buildings are still without power. Otherwise, the city lives on as usual! This was my first trip where I got to visit Central Park. The park was, and probably always will be, my favorite part of Manhattan. This photo was taken from Central Park since it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out the iPhone’s panoramic skills.

We had sake on Friday night and it felt like college all over again. In a good way.

Even amateur sake-bombers know how important it is to fill your stomach. I had my own personal plate of avocado and cucumber sushi rolls. Typical… eating my own special plate of special vegan food. This was my first time having sushi (I know, right?!) and it may or may not be my last time. I’ve never been incredibly fond of sushi but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

I woke up Saturday morning and managed to go for a run despite the cold, the sake, and the sushi. Jogging in Central Park has always been on my bucket list, but I was staying in the Financial District so I decided to explore downtown. I loved glancing up and seeing the Freedom Tower almost complete. Looking good so far!

On Saturday night, we met up at a barber shop. Apparently there’s a cool club in New York called The Barber Shop. We weren’t headed to The Barber Shop. We visited an actual barber shop. Rather than getting a hair cut, we played dress up with some fun glasses.

We ended Saturday evening at a club. Glow sticks, Belvedere, and Duck Sauce. You get the picture.

My friend and I took the train back into the suburbs on Sunday night so that I could get ready to leave the next morning. The sunset on the Hudson was perfect.

Can you believe what I found at the Baltimore Airport on my way home? There was an entire selection of vegan cookies. Not just one cookie but a selection?!?! I was shocked. This cookie was very good and exactly what I needed during my layover. Glad to be back home for now but also looking forward to my next trip out east!


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