Where Do I Get My Protein?!

It’s funny because it is so terribly true. In order to appreciate the vegan diet and benefit from it, you must be excessively educated on nutrition and health. How else could you possibly get yourself into this kale-infested mess of a lifestyle? However, select omnivores magically transform into registered dieticians when in the presence of a vegan. If you are eating breaded pork tenderloin with waffle fries and I am eating the hummus sandwich with steamed broccoli, then please tell me about nutrition. I am dying to know your secrets to preventing weight loss.

Of course, I am not perfect either. I can eat coconut milk ice cream like a champ and I often feign surprise when tater tots show up on my plate. “Did I order those? I thought I got the fruit cup… Oh no, no need to take it back. I guess I’ll eat them. Can you pass the salt?” In general, I am pretty close to healthy. Ok, fine. I’ll admit vodka happens sometimes, too. My typical vodka-induced response when asked where I get my protein: Where do you get your fiber? I’d love to provide you with some great sources of fiber except… I have to poop. I’ll be right back.

24 thoughts on “Where Do I Get My Protein?!

  1. Ohh this is SO good..hahaha. I hate this question! I also hate when someone eating a meal full of brown foods tries to tell me about my nutrition. I know what I’m doing, thanks anyway. Oh and nothing wrong a little bit of vodka here and there..for me..its COOKIES..and cake.

  2. This is brilliant and awesome! I really like your writing!
    Enjoy the vodka and the ice cream! Anytime you feel like it!

  3. LOL!!!! I almost spit out my vegan wine when I read those last few lines. It’s so true; people don’t realize that protein comes in more than just meat form. Meat is not the be-all-end-all of protein. Nor is it the be all-end-all of any other required nutrient. It’s easy to get all nutrients as a vegan–even B12, as most foods are fortified with it, even though it naturally only occurs in animal products. Besides, what’s wrong with knowing exactly what goes into your body? Nothing. And there is absolutely nothing wrong about letting a few tater tots make it through; it happens to me a lot 😉

    • Oh my love for tater tots…. And vegan wine! But your points are very true. Plants are so nutritious and cause few (if any!) diseases whereas meat-based diets can be linked to a long list of diseases! We can be healthy without an excess of animal protein. Also since B12 comes from bacteria in the soil, we really don’t even need the cow at all! Unless we want a cute animal to look at… Isn’t that what cows are for?

      • Check out http://www.barnivore.com. This website lists vegan wine options. Some wines contain gelatin, honey, etc or the companies use animal products in the production process. Sulfites can be present in vegan or non-vegan wines. You actually have to contact individual companies to find out whether the wines are vegan. Thankfully, Barnivore has done most of the leg work for us!

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  5. I work at a clinic and one of our Pediatricians found out the other day that I was on a plant based diet. She started lecturing me on how everyone needs dairy products and how in the world did I even think I would get enough calcium. I started explaining myself and she shot me a dirty look and walked away. She of all people should know that it is possible to to get all of your nutrients elsewhere. LOL I tell you, I know where not to take my future kids. Glad to hear other people get the same.

    • Unfortunately there are common misconceptions regarding plant-based nutrition. It’s too bad that even a doctor (a pediatrician especially) is confused about calcium sources. Most soy and almond milk servings have more calcium than dairy milk 🙂 Thanks for visiting and I’m sorry to hear you have the same experience!

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