California Love


My sister lives in California so I was pretty depressed about leaving the cold and snowy Midwest to visit her for Christmas. Just kidding! Here are photos of the best parts in order of awesomeness:


1. Seeing my sister! Obviously the best part of my California visit. Oh, and being on the beach instead of shoveling snow was the next best part.


2. Speaking of the beach, this was the view from one of my runs. I ran six miles on two separate days and three miles on another day. I don’t think I’ve ever been so physically productive during the holidays but it was hard to resist running in the nice weather.


3. The food! Pretty sure I ate a vegan meal from a different vegan restaurant every day I was out there. This photo features the Vegetable Tagine dish at Real Food Daily. Yum!


4. The Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland! Yes, my parents took their 20-something year old daughters to Disneyland and we love them dearly for it.


5. THIS SIGN! I couldn’t resist getting a picture. Apparently it’s fake (check out the link), but who cares? It’s hilarious. The “before” picture of Brad the dog is pretty amazing. The fact that the dog is named Brad is equally amazing.

6 thoughts on “California Love

  1. I LOVE DISNEYLAND! I go as often as I can, which is usually only once a year. I just went on vacation to Arizona (as you’ve read) and I was so productive with my running I was so happy!! The weather was great for running and the roads were nice and FLAT! Yum to that vegan meal!

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