A Year of Vegetables!


A year ago today I posted my first cute little blog post about smoothies. Ah how long it’s been since January 30, 2012. It’s been a year to be exact but I can measure the year in so many other ways (525,600 minutes, perhaps?). I wasn’t sure if blogging would just be one of those things I kept up with for a month and then forgot about. I didn’t know if I would be writing for my own sake or writing for others. I had no idea how many “others” I would meet who I will probably never meet in person. Thanks to all the amazing fellow bloggers and readers from the past year for support and inspiration. It’s certainly been a fun experience! And now, a little walk down memory lane…

Who knows what the next year holds in store for V is for Vegetables. Let’s hope the year is full of fun, friends, and fegetables (sorry, I needed another f-word and decided against the obvious choice). On to the next vegetable-filled year!

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