Second Month. Second Race.

That’s me in the pink! It’s February and I am continuing my goal of completing five races in five months. I will possibly attempt 12 races in 12 months if I keep this momentum up. I now have two races done and three more to go. I finished my first race of the year in January with a 5K. I completed another 5K for this month and finished 10 seconds faster. I blame a stomach cramp between mile 2 and 3 for slowing down my time. I wanted to finish much faster especially since there was no snow on the ground this time to slip me up. Here are my stats for this race:

Official time: 29:21
Temperature: 25 degrees
Number of walkers who should not have started towards the very front and blocked runners who needed to pass: a billion
Total amount of caffeine in my system during race: 40 mg
Total amount of caffeine normally in my system over the course of a year: 0 mg
Likelihood that I will be able to fall asleep after caffeine overload: 5%
Overall place: 613 out of 1,264
And bonus points for my 5K running playlist featuring a wide variety of music:


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