The Perfect Distance


As with Goldilocks, a 5K seems too short and a 1/2 marathon too long. A 10K? Perfect. It’s long enough to challenge your endurance but you can still function properly the rest of the day. This weekend I completed my first official 10K in preparation for a half marathon. Last year, I ran a half marathon with zero preparation other than drinking a little extra water the night before the race. This year it’s a little different! Here are my stats for this race:

Official time: 1:02:28
Temperature: 39 degrees maybe? Who cares? It wasn’t absolutely freezing out and that’s all that matters!
Snow: almost completely melted
Number of 12 year old girls who I passed: two
Number of 60 year old women who passed me: four
Number of boyfriends who flew home early to see me cross the finish line: one out of one
Overall place: 771 out of 1,535

On to the next race! One more month until my 15K race and two months until the half marathon. Let the training continue…

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