Fake Sausage and Real Mushrooms


I’ll never be a big fan of fake meat but I like to buy different types on rare occasions. Today there was a special occasion: my first visit to our local co-op. Yes, I’ve lived here for almost three years as a vegan (and vegetarian for part of that time) and never made it to our co-op. Turns out the co-op is ridiculously close to where I live. It is about a 5 minute drive which is much better than driving 20 minutes to Whole Foods. It is more expensive than Whole Foods (yes, that is possible) but I’m oddly ok with that.

I had a frozen bag of mirepoix mix and some quinoa on hand for lunch. I cooked up one portobello mushroom cap and the fake sausage from the co-op. I’ve tried a few bites of Tofurkey Italian Sausage but never actually purchased it on my own before. It has a lot of flavor and browns easily in pan on the stove. I’ve been adding it to salads all week which has worked out pretty well. I used a little bit of marinara sauce, some curry seasoning and Asian seasoning. I couldn’t really decide which way to go but somehow the odd mix of flavor was delicious. It’s an easy and cheap meal to throw together so I will have to make this more often! And I am definitely returning to the co-op to find more vegan treats!


5 thoughts on “Fake Sausage and Real Mushrooms

  1. I made my own vegan chorizo and vegan Italian sausage from a vegan cookbook. So easy and my entire family, (hubby kids and even my parents!) loved the Italian one! Completely fooled my kids! And my dad! Your mix of sausage and veggies looks delicious!

      • It is from Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. There are 3 different sausage recipes, I haven’t tried the Cherry Sage one yet, but plan too! They are quick and simple to do. The recipe for Polentas Rancheros in the book is to DIE FOR. Time consuming to make, but incredible.

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