My April 15K


I know, I know, it’s May already. I didn’t get a chance to post about my April race and now the half marathon is this weekend! I’m not sure how it crept up around the corner so quickly. It was still really cold out this time. Seriously, I should not have to wear a jacket and running tights while running 9 miles in the month of April. Oh well, at least it’s warmer now. Here are some stats:

Official time: 1:37:23

Temperature: 46 degrees

Race start time: 8:00 AM

Time I arrived at race: 8:03 AM (oops, but at least people were still crossing the start line as I joined up)

Reason I was late: Waking up at 7:30 AM on a Saturday? Yeah, that’s not an easy accomplishment for me.

Number of GU energy gel packs I brought along: 5

Number of GU energy gel packs I consumed: 1 (I over pack in every situation possible. Why did I think I’d need five? Same reason why I’d pack six bathing suits for a weekend trip to Minnesota in February. I’m a girl.)

Overall place: 901 out of 1,534

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