Finishing in 14,144th Place

20130504-191223.jpgI completed my second half marathon this weekend. I easily could have finished in the top ten if I had trained a little more but I settled for 14,144th place. It is the nation’s largest half marathon with 35,000 competitors each year. I finished with a time of 2:18:50 which is about 20 minutes less than my half marathon race last year. I am happy with my time and felt good during the race. I have just one complaint from the race and it is this: the blister on my foot is the largest I have ever seen. Oh, well. Hopefully it goes away. My toenail that fell off during last year’s race took about five months to grow back completely so let’s hope this blister-issue is over much faster than that! My race stats:

Time: 2:18:50

Temperature: 58 degrees

Distance walked to the race: 1.4 miles

Distance walked from the race: 1.4 miles

Number of blisters: 1 but it’s the size of 10 blisters

Overall place: 14,144 out of 30,063

Here’s last year’s injury and this year’s… So gross.



9 thoughts on “Finishing in 14,144th Place

  1. Oh your blister looks so sore! I hope it heals quickly.
    Congratulations on your brilliant performance! You slashed your previous time! You beat half the field. Well done!

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