Mittens and Cricket


This could be an entertaining post about protecting your hands from the cold while participating in a popular British sport. Instead, it’s a halfway decent post about two furry gentlemen who moved in with me recently. They are convinced that I am the one who moved into their home but please don’t listen to them. After all, they are the ones who spend hours hiding in brown paper bags and chasing ping pong balls. Who are they to pay the rent? Anyway, Mittens and Cricket are my new 9 week old kittens and they are adjusting very well to life in the “big city.”

In addition to acquiring two more beating hearts in my home, I also just moved into a new place and have cooked one meal in my new kitchen so far. I have “cooked” about 10 other meals technically but all of these involved the microwave and a can of lentil soup. Oh, well. Apparently I’m still getting used to a new kitchen. I bought plenty of veggies the other day so I should be cooking up new dishes in no time. Hopefully, most of my future meals will be gluten-free. I’m trying to jump on the GF train since I have started reading Wheat Belly. The wheat-free deal always made sense to me and I’ve experimented with the idea of “gleeganism” in the past (gluten-free and vegan… yes, there’s apparently a name for it). Let’s see how it goes on a more long-term basis!

Here is my only real meal so far – just some veggies, but can’t go wrong with that!


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