Plant-Based Nutrition: What I Learned from Dr. Michael Greger

proteinI was very lucky recently to attend a talk by nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger. I figured the talk would be halfway decent and I’d learn a few things. I didn’t realize that I would be feverishly taking notes and then re-watching his hour long speech online later that evening. Apparently, I enjoyed the talk.

He was funny, engaging, intelligent and a master at power point. When his speech mentioned how meat consumption has increased erectile dysfunction in America, the American flag proudly shown on his power point suddenly went limp. The entire room broke out into laughter.

There were plenty of other highlights he shared in the speech including:

1. Feet, Forks, and Fingers: Exercise (feet), eat right (forks), and don’t smoke (fingers) to help improve your health.

2. Vitamin B12 does not exist naturally in a vegan diet due to the fact that we chlorinated our water systems. Of course, we also don’t get cholera anymore. I’ll accept taking a B12 vitamin everyday over cholera.

3. Eggs cannot be referred to as “safe,” “healthy,” or “nutritious” because of strict standards set in place by the USDA.

4. If you want the probiotics in yogurt but can’t find good vegan yogurt, consider other fermented foods like kimchi or sauerkraut. They have probiotic power, too! As a side note, he mentioned most people don’t need a regular source of probiotics. However, if you are taking a round of antibiotics, consider getting a good source of probiotics to replenish your system.

5. Favorite quote of his: “You can’t sell unsafe cars, you can’t sell unsafe toys. How is it legal to sell unsafe meat?!” Good point!

If you’d like to watch the same speech I saw, check it out on his website here! I highly recommend it.

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