Breaking News: Animal Killed

An American television presenter has prompted outrage by boasting online that she had killed a lion in South Africa

Photo: Twitter

I’m sure most people have seen this picture and story floating around the past few days. Here’s one of many news reports to bring you up-to-speed. It’s incredibly unfortunately that someone finds pleasure in killing animals. The lion is such a beautiful and majestic animal. The fact that she kills as a “sport” will never make sense to me.

But, of course, I am a longtime vegetarian. The topic of hunting animals shouldn’t make sense to me. I don’t agree with consuming or killing animals. However, apparently vegetarians and vegan aren’t the only ones upset by the release of this photo. Like, everyone is upset over this. There are tons of posts all over my Facebook by friends expressing their outrage. News stories everywhere are documenting the world’s anger and there’s even a petition to block Bachman from ever returning to South Africa where she killed this lion.

All of this backlash because she killed an animal. Don’t get me wrong. I’m upset too. But, uh… guys… Don’t animals get killed everyday? Like billions of them a year to be almost exact? Billions. And granted she’s a hunter so she’s killed a lot of things but I’ve definitely killed a lot of spiders in my day. I’m not proud of this fact and I’m not going to post on Twitter a photo of me with my latest “kill.” But, it’s happened. I’ve eaten meat before, too. Granted it’s been years but technically I contributed to animals’ deaths too. The meat industry kills significantly more animals that Bachman and myself combined. And the industry kills these animals because their is a demand for meat. Not to mention, the lion in the photo looks like it had a healthy and long life which is a lot more than can be said for many factory-farmed animals. This should be our outrage.

I’m always dumbfounded when people “get it” for just a minute and then it’s gone. For a day, they are upset over the death of an animal. They are upset that someone could take joy in killing that animal. And then they eat a hamburger. And then they tweet a selfie with said hamburger. Bachman tweeted a selfie with a lion-sized hamburger. I wish all hamburger selfies got as many angry reactions as her photo but we certainly aren’t there yet. It’s definitely reassuring when the world expresses shock and disappointment over the unfortunate death of an animal. I hope this reaction can cause people to make a connection with their own plate but that is yet to be seen!

8 thoughts on “Breaking News: Animal Killed

  1. I totally agree with you. I think the issue is that meat eaters don’t tend to make a connect with their hamburger and the cow it is made from. It doesn’t look like the animal that they take their kids to the farm to pet. Whereas with this picture is is an animal, there’s no round patty, bun and relish to conceal that fact. Ultimately, humans and here, specifically, meat eating humans, are incredibly hypocritical…

  2. Maybe it is just that consciousness are starting to wake up from their numbness and this picture, showing a lion, animal not eaten and symbol of a lot of values too hit the button. I don’t think bashing her is useful however it is good to see people standing up against cruelty and specially killing animals for sports.

    • Yes – I am glad to see people get upset by her actions, too. I can’t believe people kill for “sport.” Just hope people see that cows, pigs, and chickens are killed too. Killed every day šŸ˜¦ Thanks for visiting.

  3. It is quite interesting to see the reaction to these photos. It’s no surprise that they make ME sick, of course. And like you, I ate my share of animal flesh back in the day. Killing for sport and not for sustenance – couldn’t ever justify that in my mind.

    I’m hoping that the reaction is a result of two things 1) the growing success and influence of the animal rights movement, and 2) more people coming out of their comas and realizing that we are killing off species at an alarming rate and oh yeah, the meat we are killing is slowly killing us.

    • There is definitely a growing response toward animal cruelty so that is a good sign. Let’s hope everyone is waking up from their comas… Thanks for your response!

  4. As someone else, mentioned, I think where the outrage over this killing comes from is due to the fact that it was JUST for SPORT. She killed that beautiful, majestic animal merely to hang on her wall or throw on the floor, to have as a TROPHY. It wasn’t slaughtered to provide food or sustenance, to keep her family or herself alive. She flew thousands of miles, coming in to this creature’s backyard with the sole intention of putting a bullet in it. And she’s deliriously happy about it. Whether or not there is faulty logic found in people’s beliefs that it’s okay to eat a hamburger but wrong to hunt will always be a topicof discussion. Regardless, this killing was done purely for and solely motivated by her egoism. It’s (one of) the most disgusting kind of killing that can exist. I echo other’s sentiments in that I’m glad to know people are COMPLETELY numb to and haven’t been entirely desensitized to the senseless killing of animals. (I wonder, though, why this woman has been SO singled out. She is FAR from the only person who engages in these kinds of hunts. There are MANY others that participate in that kind of thing ALL the TIME, who take smiling pictures next to their kills. I’m not sure why everyone latched on to this one event, but this woman should NOT be the only one getting ostracized for this.)

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