Marathon Training… During a Blizzard?

running stairsIt has literally been snowing all day today and it’s crazy cold outside. Plus I keep baking and eating cookies. So when I’m in the mood for a good workout, I have no choice but to find the nearest set of stairs! I decided to repeat a set of seven flights a few times. A “few times” turned into six laps up and down the stairs. It was a perfect workout. Stair repeats are a great interval workout because you are able to recover on the way down. I’m personally hoping a weekly stair workout will improve my race times. My first race of the year is in February so I will find out then if the stairs are paying off!

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training… During a Blizzard?

  1. Stairs are great for cross-training – and I definitely think it positively impacts marathon training! I did a few laps today just to keep my blood flowing since it was too cold to even drive to the gym!

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