All the Leaves Are Brown

courtyard Christmas in California has become a bit of a family tradition and it might be my favorite tradition yet. My sister has lived “out there” for 8 years now (has it really been that long?!) and she was kind enough to let me sleep on her air mattress for the week. The weather this Christmas was ridiculously amazing in LA. It’s almost always warm in Southern California but this Christmas was, like, speedo weather. Considering it was 12 degrees outside when I left Indiana, the drastic temperature difference was very much appreciated when I arrived in town. Here are my five favorite highlights of the trip:

cold out1. My Californian sister wore a winter coat when it was 59 degrees out. She’s hilarious.

pier2. I went for a run. Couldn’t run any further. Wasn’t disappointed 🙂

rfd3. Real Food Daily. Best thing ever. This is the Taco the Town with seitan and cashew cheese. It is amazing.

cat pjs4. My sister got me cat onesie pajamas for Christmas. Obsessed.

venice5. We went for a walk along Venice Beach on Christmas Day. Such a fun atmosphere and absolutely perfect weather.

I certainly had a great time with plenty of family and food around. It was hard to leave at the end of the trip, but I had to get back to the kitties! (Fellow cat ladies will understand).


9 thoughts on “All the Leaves Are Brown

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your sis. And yes, the weather this Christmas was amazing – my hubby and I went Laguna Beach on Christmas day! Haha – I guess I’m a spoiled Californian because I’d certainly wear a jacket when the temp’s in the 50’s. Happy, happy new year chica!

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