Marathon Salad Making Continued

photo(1)This week’s salad consists of spring mix, spinach, orange tomatoes, matchstick carrots, roasted potatoes in a curry seasoning, chickpeas simmered with corn and bbq sauce, lightly fried polenta, asparagus, butternut squash, and roasted red pepper hummus. I made lots this weekend and ended up sharing most of it with friends on my back patio. It only took me an hour to make everything so I might be getting faster at cooking. All of my recent salads were inspired by this awesome post and I just keep modifying however I want. Last night, my friends brought over Earth Balance mac & cheese and it was a great addition (not pictured because it didn’t last long..!). I grew up on Kraft mac & cheese and the Earth Balance kind is just as perfect minus the dairy. And by perfect, I mean 0% nutrition, 100% comfort food.

Marathon training is going well too. 331 miles and 69 days till the marathon. Gotta get back to making more power salads for my meals!


2 thoughts on “Marathon Salad Making Continued

  1. Vanessa, do me a huge favour ? I really want to know why I can’t seem to fry my polenta (having made it and let it go cold, then cut it into billets about 6″ X 1½” X 1½”) without its breaking up. Canola ? evoo ? REALLY hot ? hot ?
    Any help would be enormously welcomed …

  2. I think I made pretty good salads, but I’ve never thought of this approach, and it’s really exciting! Each element not necessarily bound up in dressing uniformly, but many having their own flavours and seasonings. Really feels like a PARTY! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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