Hi! I’m Vanessa and I love vegetables, cooking, traveling, and running. I have been vegetarian since 2005 and I have been cooking vegan since 2010. I went from only knowing how to make Kraft mac n’ cheese and only eating Kraft mac n’ cheese to being an avid consumer of broccoli, tofu, and other things that picky eaters despise. There are still random things that I refuse to try (peanut butter and jelly… I’m sorry, I can’t do it). Everyday I try to introduce new foods (yes I am still kind of a seven year old) and slowly I am expanding my food list. I now eat things like kale, tempeh and coconut milk that I would have never understood years ago. Ah, the veggie life.

I have submitted contributions to these fabulous sites:

Vegan Bloggers Unite

Virtual Vegan Potluck

Did I mention I have kittens? Mittens and Cricket are brothers (read: best friends) who were born in April 2013. They make me laugh daily and I can’t remember life without them.



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  1. Hi Vanessa, I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award… one that is given to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. You are not obligated to accept the award…but I hope you do. Please check out the link belowhttp://livingbeyondorganicmom.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/sunshine-in-my-soul/?preview=true&preview_id=208&preview_nonce=f50854b54c

  2. peanut butter and jelly is the worst thing invented since they invented sliced bread. No jam/jelly pairing has saved this sandwich for me

  3. Hey Venessa, I am a vegan since birth. And I loved the passion which u have for vegetables!! 🙂 read your blog! Good job! yesthisisdiya.wordpress.com is my blog. I Welcome your visit. Cheers!

  4. Hi Vanissa! I’m so glad I discovered your blog! I’ve been vegan for almost a year and a lot of your recipes look wonderful. It cracks me up that you’ve never tried peanut butter and jelly, however. Are you serious – not even when you were a kid? I still do peanut butter and jelly on rare occasions when I’ve got absolutely no groceries. Anyway, love your blog!

  5. I share your vegetarianism but not the veganism; I hope that doesn’t put me on the outer …? I certainly share you love of cats: I ADORE cats. Looking forward to reading a lot more yummy posts from you, Vanessa. 😀

  6. Hey, I really like your blog, and I’m so glad I came across it this morning! Mittens and Cricket look adorable, I need some critters in my life!

    Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with, I’m loving your recipes so far 🙂

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