Firecracker 6

IMG_0439I ran in the Firecracker 6 this morning and had a great race. I started out a little too fast for the first mile but maintained consistent splits for the rest. I finished the six mile race in 57:12 with a pace of 9:30 per mile which is the same pace I usually run for 5Ks. Last year, I finished this same race in 1:05:22. I was injured last year so I’m thankful to be in better shape this time around. Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the day! Happy 4th!


Training and Racing: 5 Miles Easy


I’m running in the Firecracker 6 tomorrow. I ran in it last year and the race had the best tshirt and running bib. I like the ones for this year even more. The shirts are the super soft and comfy type (you know the ones I’m talking about) which makes them so good for lounging in. Plus the designs are awesome. After all, the tshirt, medal and bib collection is what matters most in running, right?

Normally I like to taper before a run so that I can do well. Since I’m racing during training, I’m pretty much not doing anything differently with my training and just including the 6 mile race as a replacement for my 6 mile run this week. I’ll probably run easier tomorrow as a result but it’s much better than just running 6 miles on my own time.

Today, I ran 5 miles easy. It was drizzling and about 65 degrees out which is not typical July weather in the Midwest but it was perfect for running in. I ended my run at the packet pickup for my race tomorrow. I almost couldn’t wait to finish my run so I could see the awesome shirts. I may or may not have a nerd-like obsession with running shirts. In other news, my hip is feeling back to normal after resting yesterday. With a good bib and pain-free hips in place, I should have a great race tomorrow. Happy 4th!