Training and Racing: 5 Miles Easy


I’m running in the Firecracker 6 tomorrow. I ran in it last year and the race had the best tshirt and running bib. I like the ones for this year even more. The shirts are the super soft and comfy type (you know the ones I’m talking about) which makes them so good for lounging in. Plus the designs are awesome. After all, the tshirt, medal and bib collection is what matters most in running, right?

Normally I like to taper before a run so that I can do well. Since I’m racing during training, I’m pretty much not doing anything differently with my training and just including the 6 mile race as a replacement for my 6 mile run this week. I’ll probably run easier tomorrow as a result but it’s much better than just running 6 miles on my own time.

Today, I ran 5 miles easy. It was drizzling and about 65 degrees out which is not typical July weather in the Midwest but it was perfect for running in. I ended my run at the packet pickup for my race tomorrow. I almost couldn’t wait to finish my run so I could see the awesome shirts. I may or may not have a nerd-like obsession with running shirts. In other news, my hip is feeling back to normal after resting yesterday. With a good bib and pain-free hips in place, I should have a great race tomorrow. Happy 4th!



Marathon Training… During a Blizzard?

running stairsIt has literally been snowing all day today and it’s crazy cold outside. Plus I keep baking and eating cookies. So when I’m in the mood for a good workout, I have no choice but to find the nearest set of stairs! I decided to repeat a set of seven flights a few times. A “few times” turned into six laps up and down the stairs. It was a perfect workout. Stair repeats are a great interval workout because you are able to recover on the way down. I’m personally hoping a weekly stair workout will improve my race times. My first race of the year is in February so I will find out then if the stairs are paying off!

1 Year, 1 Race

Happy New Year! I am starting 2014 off right with a big goal for the year. I’ve officially signed up for my first marathon. With an awesome course and only $60 registration fee, how could I say no to the Monumental Marathon? The race is November 1 so I should have plenty of time to prepare and I might need all the prep time I can get. Last year, I ran 12 races in 12 months. This year, the focus is all on one race! Let the training begin!

the point of twenty six point two

For the past few months I’ve known that I’m at a good point in my life to run a full marathon. I enjoy running. I can run long distances without complaining. I get sore and I have to ice my legs occasionally but I have very few pains or injuries otherwise. I also have the time to train and the motivation. What else could possibly need to fall in place?

I thought about running a marathon again this last weekend. I realized suddenly that I will be 26 years old this next year. I immediately saw that as a sign that this would have to be the year that I do it. The numbers match. It must mean it has to happen. I told my coworkers about this on Monday morning. I told them I needed to run a mile for every year of my life. All at once. They didn’t try to talk me out of it. But they also thought I was a little crazy.

And then Monday afternoon happened. Should explosions at a marathon be a sign? Should an attack involving my favorite sport cause me to give it up? Should blood on pavement at a finish line stop me from wanting to cross?

Maybe I was too young when September 11 happened. As a middle schooler in the Midwest, I had never seen the World Trade Center or even heard of it. It was hard to grasp what it meant for those buildings to collapse. But I can easily see the faces of the spectators at a road race. My mom has been in that crowd. My coworkers have been there. I’ve seen my boyfriend standing at the finish line. I can see myself behind the running bib and in those running shoes. It is very real to me. Was it as devastating as September 11? While it’s easy to suggest comparisons between the two attacks, I don’t think anyone can argue that the Boston explosions were as destructive as the attacks on New York and DC eleven years ago.

Regardless, it hit close to home. Even if no one had been injured or killed in the explosions, it would still be difficult to process and understand. Why would someone do that? Someone attacked an event that is the Superbowl of running. It is the World Series. The World Cup. It is the Boston Marathon. It is a running event that will forever in the future have a sadness associated with it. It is the sadness I felt while watching Dark Knight Rises in the theaters after the Aurora shootings. The sadness at my elementary school after Columbine. The sadness of seeing a giant hole in the ground while visiting Lower Manhattan after 9-11. It is a sadness that I never wanted to associate with running.

I can’t imagine what those who were affected by the tragedy are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and with the families of those who lost their lives. As for me, my dream of someday running a marathon will not go away. If anything, now I can say I’m running with a purpose. I’m running for Boston.