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  1. Loved your new post! You go girl! So proud of your running goals. I have a question for you- do you take any supplements for your diet? If so, which ones? I have done research buy since my diet is changing, I want to make sure I am supplemented where needed.
    miss you and hoping to make a trip down to Indy soon šŸ™‚

    • Hey! Thanks so much. I’m glad that you are enjoying the blog! I take a multivitamin daily and I use protein shakes after exercise. Vitamin B12 is almost non-existent in a vegan diet so any supplement you take should have B12 in it. I am pretty good at getting most nutrients through food but calcium is probably what I struggle with most. The multi helps with this but I also try to have a glass of fortified soy milk each day. Depending on what foods you eat, you might find that there are other nutrients that you are low on. You might try tracking your foods to help figure this out! I miss you lots and can’t wait to either come visit or see you down here!

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